How does solar power current works?

How does solar power current works?

How does solar power current works?

The sun is the ultimate source of energy. How does a solar panel take sunlight and use it to power your street lights, etc.?

Actually what happens is your solar panel system uses-

  • photons to separate electrons from atoms.
  • Photons are particles of light.
  • The process of separating electrons from their atoms that creates solar electricity or electric energy.

Let’s see more about how solar panels work as follows:-

1. Solar panels collecting sunlight:

The type of solar panel you normally see on the top of street lights’s that contains something called Photo-voltaic or simply P-V cells.
Here- Photo means light, and voltaic means electricity.
Photo-voltaic are panels which work by capturing the energy from the sun and turns it into electrical energy for lights, etc.

2. Converting solar power into electricity:

The light exists in the particles known as photons.These types of photons hit the solar cells(upper surface). When photons hit the upper surface of the solar panel it excites some of the electrons and becouse of that electrons jump on the upper surface.
In the lower part of the Electrons cells absorbs that energy and it creates a potential difference in the solar panel and DC starts to flow in it, this voltage can use to power a device.

3. Conversion of DC into usable AC power current:

Using inverter the main function is to convert DC current into usable electricity, that called Alternating Current electricity (AC).
Inverters have many uses other than the conversion of Direct Current to Alternate Current.
-monitor the system and display statistics.
it provide safety features like ground fault protection and energy production.

4. AC electricity flows into Net Metering:

It is a device that is used to measure the electricity going to and from the grid as well.
What happen when you are not at home to use the electricity produced by your solar panel on every day?
What happen at night when your solar system is not generating power in real time system?
It is similar as other electric meters, but it measures the power going in both directions.
The power generated by solar system is fed back to the grid in exchange for energy credits. this device is used to measure power drawn from the grid. And excess power generated during the day time is fed back to the system of the grid for use other time.
You get credit for the excess energy produced by net meter and can use that credit to draw power at night or during a cloudy days.

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