how to start solar power energy plant business in india?

How to Start Solar Energy Business in India

How to Start Solar Energy Business in India

The question that how to start solar energy power business in India is revolving in every investor’s mind. India is running in the most top solar energy power user in the world. Now both- people, as well as government, are working and invokes towards making India pollution free. If you wants to invest in this sector, can get to know how to start solar power energy business in India.
The Solar business in India is rising very fast and It has created several job opportunities.
This opportunities which assisted in combating the menace of unemployment.

You can start a solar power energy business in India.
This is the good time to enter in this business.

Assume that or if you know some thing about this sector-
you can start with Solar in residential, commercial, Institutional and government buildings. You need small capital to start this business.
that will be depends on your interest in this business, your short term goal and long term goal, availability of funds etc.
India has putting forward 100 GW targets for solar sector in five years. Out of this 40-GW is for Roof Solar sector.
If you want to give a kick start to yourself in this business then you can surely do something. So following are the necessary tips for start a solar business in India.

1. Research the overal Market:

you need to do a research work on the market conditions. This is the very most crucial factor for the success of your solar energy business. Do research well about the market competitors, all incurring costs, raw materials needed for solar energy products.
The most important thing is that to see whether there is/are any existing strong market player or not. Then after
according to your convenience and the market needs choose a particular business. It will be better for you and your business if you choose a unique area of operation.

2. Make a proper Business Plan:

Design a business plan to start a solar energy business. Then make a blueprint of your business plan.
It involves the labor, building, land, and overall finance needed.

3. Get License and Certification:

After deciding on a suitable business plan, now it is the time to start the process on a corporate level.
Applying for the license and different certifications Understand the procedure well. To get these licenses and certifications You must be eligible enough. The license and certification will include the following factors-
1.TIN number.
2.The article of Association.
3.An article of Memorandum.
4.Certificate of Commencement.
5.Anyhow the license permitting authority will not give you the license if they find something missing or wrong in between. The article of Association and Memorandum are the two major certifications or documents that you will need for the commencement of business.

4. Registration:

After getting license and certifications done Registration is the next step. You need to register your business firm in the registrar office of your state. After that they will check the whole of the certifications thoroughly. And after finding you competent in all aspects, then your company will get registered.

5. Make Financial Decisions:

It is all about how much to spend on every activity will be the next step. This will include finance division on following-
5.Raw material purchase.
8.Office infrastructure.
9.Tax payments.

6. Do recruit the Manpower:

Then comes to recruit a better manpower for your firm.
As it will need more hardworking and competent human resources.
This will definitely help you in to get more profits. at a very earlier stage a hardworking team will lead you to achieve the success, So choose your manpower wisely.

7. The Marketing Strategies

It plays a very imp role in this perspective.
Marketing and Advertising your product and services more and create effective impacts on the customer minds. Promote your solar power business offline as well as online.

8. Other Factors:

While starting a solar energy business in India or any other country there are many more things you must consider.
Following are the other factors which you need to take care of in the process-
-Choose an appropriate location for business operations.
-Better equipment and machinery involves.
-Better employment services needed.
-Employee care policies must be taken.
-Comfortable building and infrastructure.
-Reach to customers needs.
-Provide Better quality product.

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