What is Solar Power Plant

What is Solar Power Plant?

What is Solar Power Plant

A solar power plant is a system which supplies electricity to wide areas. It’s a modern technique that generate electricity by solar panel using sunlight that source of energy which is totally pollution free and environment friendly. It can be directly converted using photo-voltaic and concentrated solar power, or a combination. There are three major technologies that are successful in solar power plants i.e., Concentrated, Thermal and Photo-voltaic Solar Power Plant.


Photo-voltaic cells are been used to convert light into an electric current. The photo-voltaic cells made by combination of silicon with other elements to affect behavior of electron. Large sets of Photo-voltaic cells can be connected together to form solar modules that requires real estate which gives major advantage of pollution free unlimited energy. Once a Photo-voltaic system has been installed, It provides energy at no cost for years with minimum maintenance. Initially Photo-voltaic cells were used as a source of electricity for small and medium-sized applications, That focused light is used to run conventional steam turbines or power generating engines.


Concentrated Solar Power is also known as concentrated solar thermal. Concentrating solar Power is a type of renewable energy that produces electricity using sunlight to generate electricity and process heat. Concentrating Solar Power plants can also be used for desalinization and Solar Fuels applications. Most applications are large-scale. Solar Thermal Power Plants is a renewable energy with large scale infrastructures using heat produced by contracted solar beams. Mirrors and lenses or solar tracking systems are used by concentrated solar power systems to focus on large area of sunlight into a small beam. The concentrated light is used as heat or as a heat source for a solar thermoelectricity. The solar concentrators used to provide industrial process heating or cooling in solar air conditioning.


Basically Thermal Solar Power Plants is a heat dependent solar technology that was used in solar power plants. In this technology, sun rays are focused to a point by using solar collectors so that appropriate high temperature can be obtained to generate electricity. This may not only use for heating water and drying clothes but also used for heating houses during cold days.

Comparing to above technologies, photo-voltaic technology is mainly usable technology i.e. still used with emerging inventions. This technology is successful even in small power plant.

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